Jewelry For Your Soul

I love working with clients to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that holds deep meaning for them personally. A custom piece can be made to honor a cherished memory, celebrate a milestone, or serve as a reminder of what’s important to you. Here are some pictures of custom pieces I have done, as well as a few others I have made for my own creative expression that are available as pictured or adapted to your preference. For questions, pricing, or a private appointment please fill out the contact form. I would love to hear from you.

Old Meets New
Square forged spiral earrings with removable forged and granulated moonstone dangles. 22k gold, 1 1/2″ long.
Available without dangles. Dangles can be made with different stones and additional granulation.

Sculptural Spiral
Forged anticlastic spiral earrings. 22k gold,
1″ by 1″.

Swirling Spirals
Granulated spiral swirl. 22k gold, 1 1⁄4″ long. Pictured here with shepherd’s hooks, can be hung on the square forged spirals or wire wrapped spirals as well.

Making Waves
Piles of granules making waves. 22k gold, 1 1⁄2″. Shown with forged spiral wire wrapped earring. Can also be hung with shepherd’s hooks or square forged spirals.

Adorned Elephant
Privately commissioned pendant. 22k gold. Granulation, chasing and repoussé

Golden Dolphins
Privately commission pendant.
22k gold.
Chasing and Repoussé

Infinity Band
Granulated 22k gold ring. Just over 1/4″ wide, can be made with various granulated patterns.

Spiral Forged Ring
22k gold, adjustable size. Originally made as a toe ring, can be worn as a regular ring or, my favorite way, on the middle joint of a finger.